Volunteers needed for watering on Red Hill on 14 February 2018

Owing to the extremely hot and mostly dry weather this summer, the Red Hill Regenerators are planning to water the recent plantings on Red Hill.

We need at least six volunteers who are willing to do some walking while carrying buckets of water from our water cubes, which are located close to plantings.
Event: water plantings on Red Hill
Date: Wednesday 14 February 2018
Time: 9am to midday
Meet: Nature Reserve gate at Rusden St, Garran.  We will drive into the Reserve to access the watering sites
Bring: Two 10 litre buckets (I will organise some spares)
Please reply to info@redhillregenerators.org.au  if you can attend.

S66 Deakin: complaints that spoil dumping will cause environmental damage

On 6 January 2018, the President, Red Hill Regenerators wrote to the Commonwealth Office of Compliance, Dept of Environment and Energy, and the Compliance Officer ACT Government, about possible environmental damage resulting from ad hoc spoil dumping on S66 Deakin.  He wrote:

Complaint re dumping of spoil on Critically Endangered Yellow Box – Red Gum Woodland at Lots 7 and 8 Section 66 Deakin, ACT. 

The Red Hill Regenerators are a community group that has been caring for Red Hill for more than 25 years. In terms of remnant size (400ha), plant diversity (250+ plant species), number of rare and threatened species (30+) and connectivity, Red Hill supports one of the most significant Yellow Box – Red Gum woodland patches remaining anywhere. (more…)

Red Hill Strategic Plan expected late 2018

The Red Hill Regenerators were informed on 31 January 2018, by Mr Ben Ponton, Director General, Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate, that, further to the ACT Legislative Assembly resolution on 25 October 2017, that an integrated plan be prepared for the Red Hill surrounds, a draft document is expected to be ready for public consultation by the second half of 2018.

Mr Ponton noted that the ACTLA resolution superseded the work undertaken by the Federal Golf Club Community Panel.

S44 Deakin proposed apartment development: Regenerators objects to consultation process

The Red Hill Regenerators wrote on 24 January 2018 to the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Environment and Heritage, Mick Gentleman, MLA, to express concern that processes associated with the proposed development of S66 Deakin may be proceeding in a way that risks decisions being made with incomplete or incorrect information.

The letter was accompanied by a critique of the Ecological report prepared for the developer, to illustrate the above concerns.

A copy of this correspondence was also forwarded to Mr Ben Ponton, Director General, EPSD.


Red Hill working bee Sunday 4 February 2018 from 08.00am

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our first working bee of 2018, which will be held on Sunday 4 February 2018 starting at 8am

Welcome back to Red Hill 2018! The weeds have not stopped growing while we enjoyed Christmas, and there is a fine collection awaiting our attention – verbascum, nettle trees, pyracanthas, briar rose, blackberries, cotoneasta, saffron thistles, St John’s Wort. And that’s just for starters!

We plan to meet at the Mugga Way car park at 8am (yes, that’s really 8am) to beat the heat. We will work up the slope from the cutoff drain to the summit and between the two tracks which lead NW and SW from the carpark.


Why you should wear gardening gloves

From The Conversation, 9 January 2018

Gardening is a great way to relax, be one with nature and get your hands dirty. But lurking in that pleasant environment are some nasty bacteria and fungi, with the potential to cause you serious harm. So we need to be vigilant with gardening gloves and other protective wear. More…

S66 Deakin dumping of spoil

On 5 January 2018 the President, Red Hill Regenerators asked Mr David Power Manager, Environmental Quality Construction, Environment and WorkPlace Protection, Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD), the following: (more…)

Respect and Responsibility! The Case for Campbell (or Deakin S66)

From The Riot Act 3 January 2018. By Paul Costigan

‘Someone needs to ask the ACT Planning Minister why his planning directorate continues to encourage local residents to form residents’ associations to oppose inappropriate developments. It has happened all over Canberra and now it is happening in Campbell.

‘The formula is simple: The Planning Directorate (Authority?) allows an inappropriate DA to progress and then up pops a residents group wanting to maintain their suburb as a livable and sustainable urban environment….

‘What has been allowed to go out for consultations has so many faults that one can only surmise that the compliance regime now depends on the residents doing the work to identify the faults, to have it amended or totally disallowed’


S66 Deakin development planning decisions on hold

In response to a letter dated 12 September 2017 from the Regenerators, which expressed a number of concerns regarding the S66 proposed multi storey apartment development, the Director General, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate replied on 20 December 2017 to confirm that ‘no planning decisions will be made until the integrated plan has been prepared in accordance with the resolution [dated 25 October 2017]  of the Legislative Assembly’.

Red Hill working bees 2018

Download the dates for the 2018 working bees planned for Red Hill in 2018 here…

Welcome to ACT Red Hill Regenerators

You are welcome to join our monthly activities. We carry out bush regeneration work within the Red Hill Nature Reserve on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 9am to 12:30, except for January. By joining the Group, you will automatically be advised of any Group activities and their locations. You will also be supporting the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource