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Red Hill working bee Wednesday 13 September 2017

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our next working bee which will be held on Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 9am

Despite the unpromising weather, a magnificent nine volunteers attended the Father’s Day working bee to tidy up the heritage callistemon plantings, achieving a great result. They should look excellent when in flower next month. During morning tea we were visited by an (almost mythical) Little Eagle, which has spent the last few weeks occupying a large eucalyptus just south of Davidson’s Trig and catching lots of rabbits. If you see any signs of nesting please let us know.

For the 13 September working bee we will return to the Cootamunda Wattle removal along the Mugga Way side of Red Hill.


Red Hill working bee Sunday 3 September 2017

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our next working bee which will be held on Sunday 3 September 2017 at 9am

As a special Father’s Day dispensation, we have decided not to cut down more Cootamundra Wattles. Instead we are planning to do some preparatory work on the heritage red flowering Callistemons before the event in October to commemorate the centenary of their being planted by Charles Weston, at the direction of Walter Burley Griffin in 1917. More information will be provided about this event, closer to the date. Read about the red flowering plantings here.



Proposed Residential development Deakin S66

Public consultation has commenced on a massive multi-storey residential development to be built on Section 66 Deakin next to the Telstra office and Deakin Dept of Defence building on Kent Street and adjacent to the Red Hill Nature Reserve. The development proposes up to 500 apartments in five storey blocks.

Comments on this proposal should be sent to Purdon Planning as soon as possible. More…

Red Hill working bee Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our next mid month working bee which will be held on Wednesday 16 August 2017 at 9am

Last time, on 6 August we enjoyed the best weather of the day and started on a large patch of Cootamundras on the east slope between the Flinders Way entry and the path to the Tardis.  We certainly cleared a lot, but there’s more…..

I expect some of us would like to work on something other than Cootamundras, given we’ve been at them for a while, but there is still a lot to do and many other weedy plants such as the exotics aren’t in a growth phase so poisoning doesn’t have much effect.  With the warmer weather in sight (I hope) we can look forward to something different from September on.

However, for our mid month session next week we will continue removing Cootamundra Wattles where we worked last Sunday. (more…)

Regenerators join Community Panel on Golf Club development

The Red Hill Regenerators were invited on 21 July 2017 by the ACT Government to join a Community Panel to consider the proposed MBark housing development on the Federal Golf Course.

Draft Community Panel Terms of Reference

The first of three planned meetings of the Panel was held on 3 August 2017. Minutes of this meeting will be provided shortly.

ACT government sets up community panel to progress housing development at Red Hill golf course

Canberra Times 3 August 2017

The ACT government has set up a panel to progress the Federal Golf Club’s plans for 125 homes and a new clubhouse with gym on part of its golf course at Red Hill.

The panel, including government, community, environmental and business groups, as well as the club and developer, meets on Thursday, August 3.
The location of the federal golf club housing proposal in Canberra from a 2016 brochure. The club wants to build 125 ...The location of the federal golf club housing proposal in Canberra from a 2016 brochure. The club wants to build 125 homes and a new clubhouse with gym. No updated plans have been released.

The club is yet to submit a development application but acting deputy director-general of the planning directorate Brett Phillips said the panel would “investigate options for development” and pointed to previous concerns about the vegetation and the appropriateness of residential development.

The golf club will be asking the government to waive or discount the lease variation tax the multi-million proposal will attract.It wants to build 125 homes aimed at over 55s, with a new club house, swimming pool, gym and places to socialise.

Previous reports said the Red Hill site would be accessed via Gowrie Drive, which leads to the Red Hill lookout, and could involve a second access road from Garran, but the club could not be reached for details of its proposal this week.

Mr Phillips, who chairs the panel, said it was designed to ensure both the government and the developer understood and considered community concerns.

Federal Golf Club manager Scott Elias at the club at Red Hill, where there are plans to build 125 homes.Federal Golf Club manager Scott Elias at the club at Red Hill, where there are plans to build 125 homes. Photo: Jamila Toderas

The news comes after the golf club defected in recent weeks from Clubs ACT to a new clubs industry group favoured by Chief Minister Andrew Barr, saying the new group had the ear of the government and could help push the development through. A spokesman for Mr Barr said on July 12 the club was wrong to think it would get  better treatment in planning or lease variation tax by joining the new clubs group.

In 2015, the club discussed plans to build about 70 three-bedroom villas on a disused fairway east of the 14th fairway overlooking the golf course, and another 70 two-bedroom apartments near the club house.

In October 2015 the club signed an agreement with developer MBark, which would be given a 99 year peppercorn lease. In mid 2016 club members voted on the plan. The club cited the major benefit as the ability to upgrade water supply and build underground water storage, saying the issue was critical, with the future of the golf course at risk.

It said the development would bring in $18 million for the club, and the homes would also increase activity and membership, and enable the club to increase playability and presentation of the golf course.

The plan has been strongly opposed by the Red Hill Regenerators, whose conservation officer Michael Mulvaney said in 2015 that there had been seven attempts at developing the fringe of Red Hill Nature Reserve, a development that would mean the removal of 300 native trees and endanger wildlife. More recently, parliamentarian Caroline Le Couteur said the Greens had significant concerns.

The new panel is made up of the club, developer MBark, the National Capital Authority, the ACT Government architect, heritage representatives, the Conservation Council of the ACT, the Friends of Grasslands, the Red Hill Regenerators, three local residents groups, the Inner South Canberra Community Council, the Council on the Ageing and the Canberra Business Chamber.

Book launch 19 August 2017

Paul Williamson who wrote the poems for Moments from Red Hill is releasing his next book ‘To the Spice Islands’.

Michael Mulvaney who wrote the nature notes will be MC. The event will feature some Red Hill poems.

Saturday 19 August 2017, 4.00pm for 4.30pm
Smiths Alternative Book Shop
76 Alinga Street, Canberra

Brown Goshawk spotted on Red Hill

This magnificent Brown Goshawk was spotted recently on Red Hill doing its bit to keep the rabbit population in check. Photo by Roy McDowall

Fungi foray on Red Hill

Sonja Gasser from the Canberra Fungi Group led a fascinating search for and identification of a variety of fungi on Red Hill on Sunday 25 June. The group learned to spot even the tiniest fungi and methods for identifying then by their characteristics. Thanks Sonja!


There will be more Fungi Forays in autumn next year.

Red Hill working bee Sunday 2 July 2017

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our next working bee which will be held on Sunday 2 July 2017 at 9am

Last month we started to remove a large patch of Cootamundra Wattle regrowth. With the help from ranger Phil and his chainsaw we cut and stacked about six truck loads of cuttings.  Half of these were transported to our tubestock planting site and were used at our planting event on 18 June to give some protection from being damaged by kangaroos.  The remaining cuttings will be moved to the planting site to finish the job.

But there is still more to do! So this month we plan to return to the Cootamundra patch and finish the job.