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Red Hill work activity Sunday 7 June 2020 9.00am – 12.30pm

Welcome to our first Sunday working bee on Red Hill for a while.  The good news is that we are now permitted to work as a group on Red Hill, providing that Covid19 precautions are followed (see below).

This work activity will focus on our two toughest weeds (no, not verbascum this time) – Horehound and ivy.


Red Hill Work activity Wednesday 20 May 2020

Welcome to the mid May working bee on Red Hill.  We have had plenty of rain since the last working bee on 1 March, which has given the weeds time to grow.  For this working bee we have a range of options listed below



Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, all Red Hill Regenerators Group activities on Red Hill will be deferred to a date to be advised.

Red Hill work activity Sunday 1 March 2020

Welcome to the March working bee on Red Hill.  We have had over 80mm of rain so far this February and about half that amount in January, which has helped put some moisture back into the landscape.  Some green shoots of grass are starting to appear, but the weeds – St John’s Wort, verbascum, Briar rose, blackberry are also growing strongly.  The rabbits are eating everything in sight! This month we plan to attack some small blackberry plants and to add some protective cuttings to struggling plantings to give them a chance against the ever hungry kangaroos and rabbits. (more…)

Red Hill work activity Sunday 2 February: CANCELLED

The scheduled work activity on Red Hill on Sunday 2 February 2020 has been cancelled owing to the forecast high temperatures and Total Fire Ban announced this week, combined with the likely poor air quality from the Ororral Valley and other bush fires.

The Regenerators is advised by the Parks & Conservation Service and their ‘Guidelines for Volunteer fieldwork in extreme conditions‘, which addresses extreme temperatures and poor air quality, as measured by PM2.5 levels (to obtain up to the minute information about air quality, there are a number of Apps, including the ‘Air Matters‘ App).


Red Hill work activity Wednesday 15 January 2020

Welcome to our first Regenerators activity for 2020! The plantings are surviving the worst that the weather can throw at them – maximums of 44oC and no rain since 5 November 2019. During our Christmas break some watering was undertaken by enthusiastic volunteers, but more is required.  Our ever helpful ranger Martin Bajt has topped up our water cubes, which will enable a complete watering to be carried out on Wednesday 15 January 2020, subject to the usual weather warnings. (more…)