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Red Hill twilight walk a great success


The annual Red Hill Regenerators twilight walk was held on Tuesday 14 December 2021 on a perfect warm, still evening, starting from the Red Hill restaurant at 5.30pm. The 90 minute walk attracted over 30 enthusiastic participants who were absorbed by the fascinating discourse on a wide variety of Red Hill’s unique geology, history, flora and fauna. Red Hill Regenerators expert Dr Michael Mulvaney led the group deep into the bush while explaining the hill’s 400 million year history, how to differentiate between its magnificent Yellow Box and Red Gum eucalypts, why ants like climbing trees, and how to tell where the resident kangaroos like to relax. As the walk finished, a brilliant rainbow could be seen as a few drops of cooling rain fell. Thanks to Michael, and watch out for the next guided walk on Red Hill!

Red Hill Christmas Treat Sunday 19 December 2021

Just when you thought there were no more Red Hill activities this year, a special pre Christmas treat will be held on Sunday 19 December 2021 from 9am.   We will have one last push to set a Guiness Book of Records for the number of verbascum flower spikes beheaded and dabbed within a two hour period. To achieve this feat, we are calling on all able bodied volunteers to answer the call.

Regenerators hold their AGM

The Regenerators held their final activity of the year on 5 December 2021, combined with their AGM. In spite of Covid inconveniences, the year was productive, with awards, tree planting, weed removal and much success in grant applications. More…

Photo by Andrew Zelnic


Red Hill twilight walk, Tuesday 14 December 2021

Our expert ecologist Dr Michael Mulvaney has kindly agreed to lead a guided one hour walk from the Red Hill Cafe on Tuesday 14 December 2021, starting at 5.30pm.  

Michael (pictured above) will lead a light-hearted and entertaining twilight walk, explaining the ecological significance of Red Hill Nature Reserve and some of the plants and animals that live there.  Michael will engage you with questions and facts that will get you thinking.  A walk with Michael is an essential experience for anyone who loves Red HIll – Michael is an ecologist with deep knowledge about our Yellow Box Red Gum woodland. The walk is open to anyone interested in the Reserve.

If the weather is doubtful, please check this website on the day for updates. 

Regenerators oppose development of Lawson Grasslands

The Regenerators have written to the Federal Defence Housing Authority to oppose the proposed housing development on the Lawson Grasslands. They wrote:

I am writing in response to your invitation to comment on the proposed Lawson Grasslands development. I don’t believe that this development should proceed and there are many reasons for this. (more…)

Red Hill work activity and AGM: Sunday 5 December 2021 from 9am

Our next work activity on Sunday 5 December 2021 will incorporate our AGM.  We will work on chipping and beheading verbascum from 9am until morning tea at 11am.  The AGM will be held at 11am. More information about the AGM can be found here.

Regenerators AGM Sunday 5 December 2021

The Annual General Meeting of Red Hill Regenerators (Red Hill Bush Regenerators, RHR) will be held on Sunday 5 December at 11am on Red Hill Nature Reserve near Rusden Street, Garran. More…

Documents regarding the AGM can be found here…

Canberra Nature Park Reserve Management Plan 2021

The ACT Government has recently released the 284 page management plan including all Nature Reserves currently identified in the ACT. It can be downloaded here (13.8Mb). A couple of pages is devoted to each Nature Reserve, including the Red Hill Nature Reserve at page 222. The Plan commits to the following actions at Red Hill: (more…)

Gang Gang Project update

The citizen science project to document Gang gang nesting and feeding behaviour is now underway. A summary of some of the main point are:

* Over 300 citizen scientists have contributed 800 sightings of feeding Gang-Gangs over the platforms created for the project. An additional 1000 records have been collated from the records of three Birding groups (COG, South Coast and Blue Mountains) and facebook postings.


Red Hill work activity Sunday 14 November 2021 9am to midday

Welcome to our first, rain delayed post lockdown monthly work activity on Red Hill, on Sunday 14 November 2021 at 09.00am.  While we have been locked down, the weeds have continued to flourish, despite some recent limited verbascum spraying by contractors.  We are grateful to those volunteers who engaged in regular lock down exercise on Red Hill while wielding a mattock.   Every plant is now showing a flower spike, and so on Sunday, we plan to continue our intermittent progress from previous months to deal with mainly verbascum, by beheading/dabbing the emerging flower spikes and chipping plants.