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Conservation Council lobbies Minister for more weed funding

From Conservation Council Weekly Wrap 27 November 2015

Meeting the Minister

We met with Minister Rattenbury and discussed weed funding, cat containment, climate change, biodiversity,waste legislation consultation, national environmental laws and the Labor-ACT Greens Parliamentary Agreement.
The Minister said he was seeking more funding for weed management in the next Budget while increasing the proportion of base funding, he would look at undertaking to introduce cat containment for new units at Watson and declare some other new suburbs and noted our views on all issues.


Invasive environmental weeds have been in the media and in the Legislative Assembly recently – they probably spread there from nature reserves due to inadequate management.
The approximate amount needed for basic weed management in the ACT is $2million with additional funding for projects and special treatments. The amount in the Budget this year, on the Government’s own figures, is $1.2million, not enough and down by $653,000, nearly 30%, over the last year. The Group agreed that there needs to be more pressure on the Government and asked the Conservation Council to encourage letter writing from member groups.
The transcript of the Assembly debate is available here (P4119-P4128)