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Repairs planned for Red Track

The Parks and Conservation Service plan to undertake repairs to the section of Red Track containing steps, between the base fire trail and the Tardis/Lookout.

The work will include backfilling and compacting any steps that have subsided/ eroded, repairing any erosion on the trail bed and sourcing and placing woody debris (logs) where trail braiding has occurred. It has been specified that minimal access is allowed and no dragging of logs, they must be lifted and ‘placed’ in situ to avoid damaging the nearby vegetation. No natural logs are to be relocated for this purpose as there is a woody debris pile that can be utilised on Kent St, Deakin. All due care is to be taken to avoid disturbance to the local vegetation and environment.

The contractor will be Makin Trax (they did the upgrade) so they are aware of the sensitivities of the site. Work is planned to be undertaken during February 2016 and should only take a week or so at most.