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Regenerators join Community Panel on Golf Club development

The Red Hill Regenerators were invited on 21 July 2017 by the ACT Government to join a Community Panel to consider the proposed MBark housing development on the Federal Golf Course.

  • Draft Community Panel Terms of Reference
  • The first of three planned meetings of the Panel was held on 3 August 2017. Minutes can be seen here.
  • The second meeting was held on 24 August 2017. The following documents were tabled:

Meeting No 2 notes

Appendix 1: Statement by GAHRAG (Garran and Hughes Resident’s Action Group)

Appendix 2: Additional questions from Regenerators

Appendix 3: Additional comments from FOG (Friends of Grasslands)

Appendix 4: MBark presentation

Appendix 5.1: FGC fact Sheet – Club grants

Appendix 5.2: FGC fact Sheet – Water

Appendix 5.3: FGC Fact Sheet – Membership

Appendix 5.4: Letter to residents June 2017

Appendix 5.5: FGC Strategic Plan 2015-18

Appendix 5.6: FGC Presentation to Meeting No 2

Appendix 6: ACT Gov report to Meeting No 2

  • The third meeting was held on 12 October 2017. The following documents are relevant:

Meeting No 3 Draft Notes of meeting

Attachment 1 : Statement (revised 13/10/17) prepared by GAHRAG and endorsed by RHRG, Hughes Residents Group, Friends of Grasslands, Deakin Residents Assoc and Conservation Council of the ACT.

Attachment 2: MBark statement of commitments and proposed Masterplan

Attachment 3: EPSDD presentation and feedback on issues raised in Meetings 1 and 2

Attachment 3A: EPSDD request for quotation for economic evaluation of Federal Golf Club

Attachment 4: Draft report of the Community Panel (for comments before 27 October 2017)