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Research confirms Regenerators’ planting strategies

The Regenerators have undertaken revegetation of parts of Red Hill since 2011 by planting tubestock supplied by Greening Australia and supported by ACT Parks & Conservation Service. Initial plantings were significantly damaged by kangaroo grazing, which resulted in a less than optimal survival rate.  Later plantings undertaken in 2016 and 2017 were protected using barriers of tree cuttings which were transported from sites on Red Hill where extensive clearance of Cootamundra Wattles had been undertaken by Regenerator working parties. These later plantings are showing very high rates of survival, with very little damage from kangaroos. In addition, the grasses around the cuttings where it has been protected from grazing, have regenerated and improved ground cover and ecological health.

In 2016-17, students from the Fenner School, ANU undertook a research project to test whether placing cuttings around plantings would protect them from kangaroo damage. This research concluded that the methods used by the Regenerators is effective. More…