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S66 Deakin dumping of spoil

On 5 January 2018 the President, Red Hill Regenerators asked Mr David Power Manager, Environmental Quality Construction, Environment and WorkPlace Protection, Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD), the following:

“We are concerned by the dumping of spoil on Lots 7 and 8, Section 66 Deakin. We understand the lease for this land is held by the Hindmarsh group,

The dumping has occurred over the last two years and currently amounts to about 60 separate piles of dirt, gravel and building waste. Each pile appears to be about the volume that can be carried by a 2 tonne truck. The total area covered is about 50m x 20m. Pictures are attached.

We would appreciate advice as to:

  • Whether such dumping requires approval.
  • If so, whether such an approval was granted in this instance.
  • If so, what are the conditions of this approval?
  • If not, what action can and will the ACT Government being taking?”

In a response on the same day, Mr Power stated:

“As the block is zoned TSZ2: SERVICES under the territory plan no EPA approval required for this material to be placed on the block with no EPA action currently required.  Please note that given the nature of the material it will need to be assessed in the future should the site be redeveloped”