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Engagement with the Development Application (DA) process

The Red Hill Regenerators provided on 23 July 2018, a submission to the Legislative Assembly Inquiry into Engagement with Development Application Processes in the ACT.  The six page submission is highly critical of the current approach, and made six recommendations. The submission is published here…  and here…     

Good Morning,

Thank you for providing a submission to the Committee’s Inquiry. I will distribute it to the Committee as soon as possible and they will meet in due course to consider your submission.

In the meantime, can I advise you that once a committee receives a submission it becomes the property of the committee and must not be published, or otherwise circulated, until it is authorised for publication. Once authorised, the submission is posted on the Legislative Assembly website and is made publicly available. This process is completed as soon as possible. Once received by the committee, the submission is covered by parliamentary privilege. For this reason, committees are very careful about receiving submissions and authorising them for publication. The committee has the authority to not authorise a submission if it believes publication would be inappropriate or not in the public interest. Further information can be found in the guide at the following link: http://www.parliament.act.gov.au/in-committees/Getting-involved    

I will let you know when the submission has been authorised for publication and posted on the inquiry webpage.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information.

Kind Regards

Annemieke Jongsma

Secretary, Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal

Office of the Legislative Assembly

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