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Red Hill Regenerators meeting with the Red Hill ranger 2 August 2018

Some of the RHR committee had a useful meeting on 2 August with Nathan Kay, the ranger who has responsibility for our Reserve.

A few of the items discussed were:

  • Rabbit control is on-going and Nathan is going to investigate if there is further action to be undertaken at the moment and whether RHR may be able to play a role.
  • Nathan will continue to work on Cootamundra Wattle and will tackle the larger ones, especially when we give him the coordinates.
  • RHR may be able to assist with larger scale weed spraying where RHR members have the ChemCert certificate. There is funding available for contractors again this year.
  • Michael asked Nathan to confirm with the Parks and Conservation Service that not fire management burning will be required for some time as the kangaroos have reduced the fuel load greatly in the current drought conditions.
  • The track from Red Hill café down to the saddle above Mugga Way has been repaired.Consideration is being given to repairing the other side of that saddle – the track up to Davidson’s Trig.
  • The drought has brought home the issue of the large numbers of kangaroos for this area. In the last 12 months, rangers have been called out to deal with 78 dead or injured kangaroos on the Hindmarsh Drive edge of the Reserve alone. The vegetation on the Reserve is also being affected due to the over-population of kangaroos. This is an issue that needs to be considered.
  • Coconut ant locations are to be surveyed.
  • A count of Button wrinklewort plants will be undertaken this Summer.
  • The asbestos tip site will be re-capped and planted with grasses / sedges / forbs this financial year.
  • Nathan has erected three legal / formal ‘Track Closure’ signs on the illegal white trail behind Garran.

We greatly appreciate Nathan’s commitment to Red Hill and his support of our programs.