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Deakin S66: Developer response to community comments

Purdon Planning P/L has provided the following reports in response to community comments regarding the proposed development of S66 Deakin, adjacent to the Deakin Telephone Exchange building, Kent Street.

18 September 2018: Purdon Planning Pty Ltd on behalf of Hindmarsh constructions submitted a Development Application (DA) for Section 66 in Deakin for a proposed storage facility. This memo is in response to the submissions received on the DA with ecological concerns. More…

29 November 2018: SMEC was commissioned by Hindmarsh Pty Ltd (Hindmarsh) to conduct a traffic study for the proposed development of a self-storage facility on Blocks 7&8, Section 66 Deakin. A Transport Assessment Report was previously produced by Opus detailing the impact of a residential development on the site. The analysis in this report is based on the same observed AM and PM peak hour traffic volumes at intersections along Kent Street as used by Opus. Blocks 7&8 Section 66 Deakin are currently undeveloped land behind the existing defence installation occupying block 6. This study includes traffic generation based on trip generation rates taken from the Institution of Transportation Engineers (ITE), traffic distribution based on existing traffic on Kent Street and intersection analysis using SIDRA Intersection. Report, Appendix A: Input volumes, Appendix B: Movement summaries.