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Asbestos contamination on Red Hill

Part of the old tip site, located at the north end of Red Hill Reserve close to the Kent St/Carruthers Street, Hughes intersection is contaminated with asbestos and has been fenced off with a temporary metal fencing for some years. Recently the ACT Government decided that this contaminated land will be remediated and replanted to mitigate any residual hazards from the asbestos.

In response to a 15 February 2019 request from the Red Hill Regenerators for more detail concerning the remediation proposal, the following information has been provided:

Q. Could you give us an update on this project?  Last time we spoke it was scheduled for this financial year.

Do you have dates or approximations?

A.We are in the process of a feasibility study and getting a design consultant engaged. Therefore, we hope to be construction ready by mid-year.

Q.Do you have a site map that shows the extent of the capping that you could send me?

A.There is a site map at present that shows the size of the area intended to be remediated, it is generally the size of the fenced area. Please see below, the orange area is the area of concern.

Q.Will there be any more soil testing?

A. Consultants will undertake walk over checks of the site and some gas testing will be completed, any other testing will be advised by the design consultant once engaged.

 Q.Will the area within the existing fenced area be re- levelled / graded?

A.The area will be subject to engineered designs and re-levelling and grading may be an outcome.

 Q. Will the whole area within the current fence be replanted?  and do you have a species list?

Will any existing trees (alive or dead) within the fence be removed?

A. The existing trees and shrubs within the fenced area will be cut down to ground level as to ensure that the laying and strength of the cap is not compromised.

Restoration planting will be Forbes and grasses. The intention is to consult with Red Hill Regenerators on the restoration planting.

Q. You also mentioned that a smaller fence would be placed around the capped area.  Will it have a notice about asbestos?

A. The current fence will remain throughout the construction period. Post construction an ongoing environmental plan will be put together which will inform what the requirements are to be followed.

 Q. Anything else we should know?

A. Once we have a design consultant engaged we will get in touch with the Red Hill Regenerators through the PCS Ranger to keep you up to date on the project and talk through what the restoration planting will be.

Thank you for getting in touch with us and we will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

Kind regards

Lee-chelle Haines | PCS Project Officer

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