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Red Hill Tree Planting Event for World Environment Day: Sunday 2 June 9am

To commemorate World Environment Day, you are invited to a tree planting event on Red Hill.  We will be planting 200 small trees and shrubs to create understorey thickets to encourage biodiversity and small nesting birds to this area.

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This event has been made possible by the generosity of:

  • Greening Australia, which propagated the plants from locally collected seed, and supplied 200 tube stock, corflute guards and hardwood stakes;
  • Evoenergy, which funded the supply of plants guards and stakes;
  • Commonwealth Dept of Social Security, which provided a Volunteer Grant which has funded the contract to drill planting holes;
  • Matt Kilby of Global Land Repair, who was contracted to drill the planting holes;
  • Ranger Martin Bajt, Parks & Conservation Service, who cut and delivered truckloads of Cootamundra Wattle cuttings for kangaroo protection, and supplied and filled a water cube for the ongoing maintenance of these plantings; and
  • Rangers Nina Bruns and Patrick Harvey, Parks & Conservation Service, for assistance in undertaking site checks and providing authorisation for this event.

Time: Sunday 2 June 2019 Work: 0900 to midday 

More information: info@redhillregenerators.org.auPrior registration is not required.

Location: Meet at the water cube, shown on the attached image. Parking is available at the Telecom Building, Kent St, Deakin car park and kerbside in Glasgow Place, Hughes

Activities:  Before the planting day, we will drill planting holes, provide water and stack piles of Cootamundra cuttings.  There will be three main activities on the day:

  • Prepare planting holes, plant tube stock and install plant guards;
  • Water plantings by hand by buckets carried from the water cube;
  • Protect groups of plantings by dragging Cootamundra cuttings from adjacent piles and arranging them around each group.

Conditions: slightly sloping even ground with open woodland

You bring: Water to drink, hat, gloves, long sleeved shirt, long pants, eye protection, sunscreen cream, solid shoes. IF POSSIBLE PLEASE BRING TWO BUCKETS.

We bring: Planting mattocks, plants, guards and stakes, water, Cootamundra cuttings, some buckets

Note: It is important that you attend the planting and safety briefing at 9am sharp.  Children under 15 years must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian. Individuals who are under 18 years must have parental or guardian consent.

Cancellation: The activity will be cancelled by email (if possible) if enough rain/wind is forecast to make planned work potentially hazardous.

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