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Red Hill Regenerators awarded $30,000 ACT Environment Grant

The Red Hill Regenerators applied to the ACT Government on 12 April 2019, for a grant of $30,000 to assist in a study entitled ‘The ecology and movement of ACT’s adult female Little Eagles“. This application was successful with the Regenerators being advised on 6 June 2019.

The application to the 2019-20 ACT Environment Grants program is here..

The Deed of Grant dated 2 August 2019, which specifies how the funds are to be acquitted is here…

The letter of 6 June 2019 from Minister for Environment and Land Management Mick Gentleman to advise that the application was successful is here…

A brief description of the project is shown below:

This project will acquire and attach four GPS trackers to female adult Little Eagles, analyse this information, undertake field observation and collect prey remains and pellets. It will provide new information on adult female Little Eagle movement and breeding behaviour. It will have a particular focus on where and what females do both within and outside of the breeding season and what habitat features or areas within the ACT are important for their survival. It will examine what they eat and where they go to forage.

Four trackers is the minimum required for results to be considered meaningfully representative of all female Little Eagles nesting in the ACT. However, the project could proceed if only three trackers were funded.

The work will be a collaboration with an existing Little Eagle Working Group, comprising researchers associated with the CSIRO, Australian National University, Ginninderry and the ACT Government. The project utilises the technical expertise of the existing group and harnesses the observation powers and numbers of the Red Hill Regenerators. The Little Eagle Working Group will utilise their own and other sources of funding to further the work in regards to adult male and fledgling Little Eagles.  

The Little Eagle Working Group has previously attached ten transmitters to adult males and fledglings born within the ACT. Breeding season data was obtained for all ten birds while trackers from eight birds continue recording and also recorded data outside of the breeding season.   All of these birds travelled large distances across Australia outside of the breeding season or once fledged. The movement behaviour of adult females outside the breeding season is unknown. Red Hill is one of a few places known in the ACT where a female Little Eagle has been regularly observed outside of the breeding season, and will be a focus for an out-of-season behavioural study.