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900 plants help repair Red Hill environment

Every two years since 2013, the Red Hill Regenerators have successfully applied for environmental grants and selected parts of Red Hill which required repair to the environment. Volunteers have planted careful selected up to 200 appropriate tubestock species, including Allocasuarinas to attract Glossy Black Cockatoos, understorey shrubs to replace woody weeds and attract small nesting birds and acacias and eucalyptus to help repair the critically endangered Yellow Box / Red Gum Grassy Woodland ecosystem on Red Hill. Each plant has been protected from rabbits by tree guards and from kangaroos by Cootamundra Wattle cuttings. Water points have been established close to plantings and hand watering has been undertaken in periods of dry weather. The outcomes have been very encouraging, with high survival rates in most locations. The work of volunteers at Red Hill Regenerators is supported by Commonwealth and ACT grants and by the Parks and Conservation Service of the ACT Government, which assist by undertaking large scale pest extermination and weed eradication and providing equipment for volunteers.