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ACT Invasive Plants Plan 2020-25

For Park Care volunteers who contribute their time and labour in our Nature Reserves, the ACT Invasive Plants Plan 2020-25 provides a very useful and interesting theoretical underpinning for this conservation work. 
Buried at the back of this Plan is information on past and future budgets.  This shows that, over the last decade, funding has swung wildly between about $3m in 2010-11 to under $1m in 2015-16.  It seems to have settled on about $1.5m over the last three years, with the same level of funding projected up to 2025.
There is no discussion in the Plan regarding what level of funding will achieve what outcome, resulting in the suggestion that the level of funding probably bears no relationship to the level of demand or desired outcome.
Perhaps this is an issue that ParkCare volunteers could usefully raise with the newly elected and increased cohort of ACT Greens MLAs.
To read the Plan, click here…