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Integrated Plan for Red Hill finalised

The ACT Government published for public comment a Draft Integrated Plan for Red Hill, after sustained engagement from the Red Hill Regenerators, the Federal Golf Club and other stakeholders, and a resolution of the Legislative Assembly. On 16 June 2021, the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman MLA informed the President, Red Hill Regenerators that the ACT Government had finalised the Plan. 

Minister’s media release 17 June 2021

For more than two decades the Red Hill Regenerators battled a near constant barrage of ad hoc, ill-conceived development proposals on land in and adjacent to Red Hill’s woodland. This was incredibly frustrating and time consuming. We, together with other local community groups, called for a strategic plan that takes a landscape focus that protects the woodlands key values and functioning and reflects community wishes before setting development options. The plan strikes a balance between providing protection for biodiversity both inside and outside the Red Hill Reserve, protecting the amenity of residents and allowing for some limited development activity. It provides an opportunity for adding several areas of woodland to Red Hill Reserve, limits development on Kent Street Deakin to the existing built footprint and to commercial/business purposes, seeks to enhance the ecological functioning and community use of open space corridors joining Red Hill to woodland patches in Hughes and Garran and allows for up to a 125 unit retirement village in the southern portion of the Federal Golf Course  (well away from Red Hill Nature Reserve and at least 50m from any existing houses).

The Red Hill Regenerators consider that the Plan balances the diversity of community needs.  The Plan is a framework document which now requires a great deal of implementation activity, including funds, to deliver real outcomes.  We trust (and remain vigilant) that the coming years will bring to fruition the strategic, well informed vision of the Plan

The Federal Golf Club issued the following statement on 17 June 2021:

The draft Red Hill Integrated Plan was a very thorough piece of work which included wide ranging input from multiple agencies and community groups. The Club acknowledges the many contributions to this study and looks forward to continuing close contact with community groups as we work through the implementation of the Plan towards a Development Application.

This is a very important and pleasing day for the future of our Club. The Over 55 Development provides for our water and financial security, replaces ageing course and clubhouse infrastructure, improves course and practice facilities and provides much improved facilities for the local community including the ability to downsize and age in place in a beautiful environment. It secures our Club for the whole community.

Next steps with our Over 55 Development partner, Mbark, will involve consultation with the Government’s Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) on implementation arrangements and preparation of a Development Application for the Over 55 Village and associated course changes working closely with Club members and the local community and based on the approved provisions contained in the Final Red Hill Integrated Plan.

Much more news and discussions to be had in the days ahead.

 Bob Correll, Chair of the Board Development Committee.


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