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Successful research on Little Eagles on Red Hill published

The Red Hill Regenerators was awarded grant of $30,000 in 2019, to enable a small ACT population of Little Eagles to be tracked using GPS trackers which were attached to four birds. The birds were tracked travelling from the ACT north to Far North Queensland and south into Victoria.

The Red Hill Regenerators learned a lot about Little Eagle ecology and movement and the study of this bird. We learnt that the birds mainly observed hunting on Red Hill, outside of the breeding season, nested on Black Mountain, and that the value of Red Hill for the Little Eagle is as a foraging site. A roosting female (feeding on both rabbits or magpie was observed on a number of occasions). However, involvement in the study has also taught us that the Little Eagle has a complex relationship with the Wedge-tailed Eagle and that increasing hunting on the hill by a new and young pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles may have temporarily made Red Hill a less attractive foraging/roosting habitat for the Little Eagle.

The research will be ongoing. A report titled “The ecology and movement of the ACT’s adult female Little Eagle” was delivered on 21 June 2021 to the granting organisation, the ACT Department of the Environment & Sustainability Development Directorate and can be downloaded here.