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Red Hill work activity Sunday 5 November 2023, from 9am

Weeds are growing very strongly, with briar rose and pyracantha now in flower.  Nettle trees are in full leaf and their pale green foliage is easy to spot. Thistles are rapidly growing and can be found under many mature eucalyptus trees.  This period before Christmas is a good time to cut/dab these woody weeds before they flower and set seed.  Of course, many of last year’s verbascum seed heads are still clearly visible  and waiting to be cut and bagged.

More information: info@redhillregenerators.org.au

Location: Park and assemble at the main Mugga Way car park. Task and safety briefings will be held at 9am sharp. Work usually wraps up at about 12.30pm.

Activities: There will be a choice of working in pairs to carefully cut (with secateurs) and bag verbascum seed heads found on the higher slopes.  Alternatively, mattocks will be available to chip new verbascum rosettes and thistles.  Woody weeds found across the eastern hillside above Mugga Way will require loppers and saws for cut/dab. Tools should not be shared between volunteers.

Conditions: moderate to steep slopes, rocky in parts, with open to dense bush. Snakes have been observed.

You bring: Water to drink, hat, leather gloves, long sleeved shirt, long pants essential, eye protection, sunscreen, solid enclosed shoes. BYO morning tea. Bring your own tools, especially secateurs and mattocks if available.

We bring:  Tools – We will bring secateurs and mattocks. Loppers, saws, and herbicide dabbers (bring your empty dabbers to exchange for full ones) will also be available for those who prefer woody weed slaying. We will also bring a basic first aid kit, and provide tool use and weeding ID and advice as needed. NoteIt is important that you attend the activity safety briefing at 0900.    A byo morning tea is usually held at 11am, with an opportunity to discuss matters of relevance to the Group. Such discussions constitute ‘General Meetings’ as defined by the Rules of our organisation and may be minuted.  Work will normally finish at 12.30pm


Cancellation: The activity will be cancelled by email (if possible), no later than 8am of the activity day, if rain/wind is forecast which could make planned work potentially hazardous, high temperatures before midday are forecast, total fire bans are announced, air pollution is ‘hazardous’ or additional Covid 19 restrictions in force. Note: The Red Hill Regenerators Group is advised by the ACT Parks & Conservation Service and the information below:

  1. Guidelines for Volunteer fieldwork in extreme conditions‘, which addresses extreme temperatures and poor air quality, as measured by PM2.5 levels (to obtain up to the minute information about air quality, there are a number of Apps, including the ‘Air Matters‘ App);
  2. ‘Volunteer Fieldwork through Covid19’ latest update;
  3. Information at: https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/protecting-yourself-and-others
  4. the Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct can be accessed from the ParkCare Hub Home Page on the right hand side under “Files”   https://app.betterimpact.com/Volunteer/Main/StoredDocument/29169