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Centenary Trail: final consultation report

May 2012:  On 28 May 2012, TAMS published the final consultation report, together with a map of the proposed final Trail alignment and showing where the Trail will follow existing trails, be an upgrade of an existing trail, or be a newly constructed trail. It could be seen on the TAMS web site (Final Consultation Report p13) (removed from website) that:

“In order to avoid the need for new trail within Red Hill Nature Reserve, walkers will use existing trails to reach the top of Red Hill, whereas bike riders will be directed along the existing fire trails on the eastern side”

Therefore, we are assured that there will be no new trails constructed on Red Hill and a small section of existing steep maintenance track section will be upgraded. Only Trail walkers will use trails on Red Hill, with cyclists being directed along the base of Red Hill. The TAMS report also provided a response to the Red Hill Regenerators submission.