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Red Hill Regeneration Group Inc. Rules

The Red Hill Regeneration Group was Incorporated on 24 October 1994, with eight Purposes and Objectives, listed below

The Associations Incorporations Act says that associations can adopt, or adapt, the Model Rules in the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1991. The Model Rules (which are the basics of any association constitution) have been adopted mainly to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. The Model Rules can be found at Part 3 Section 15 of the Associations Incorporation Regulations 1991.

Purposes and Objectives

The purposes and objectives of the Red Hill Regeneration Group as set out in its Articles of Association are:

    1. To develop awareness in the community of the value of local native vegetation and wildlife in the Red Hill reserve;
    2. To promote the conservation, regeneration, planting, maintenance, and protection of the native and remnant vegetation of the Red Hill reserve;
    3. To restore and improve the condition of degraded land within the reserve through measures including revegetation;
    4. To increase the local population of the endangered daisy Rutidosis leptorhynchoides;
    5. To involve citizens and community groups at all levels in planning and maintaining revegetation programs within the reserve;
    6. To carry out revegetation activities which are consistent with the future ecological and recreational needs of the community;
    7. To enhance the practical and theoretical skills of the community pertaining to the establishment, protection, planning and maintenance of vegetation; and
    8. To seek the support of other organisations, businesses and the community generally for the beforementioned objects of the Association.



Are volunteers insured when working with the Red Hill Regenerators?

Insurance is described in para 6.2 of the Volunteer Policy 2018 as:

“lndividual volunteers, community group volunteers and casual volunteers undertaking approved PCS volunteer projects are covered by insurance for personal accident and public liability through the ACT lnsurance Authority (AcTlA) for the period of engagement in volunteer dutles as recorded in the sign-on register for the volunteer activity or recorded on the Parkcare Hub online reporting system”

ACT Government Volunteers policy

Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct (7.4Mb PDF) – what are our responsibilities and what is the Government committed to do.

Safety when working on Red Hill

Bushfire safety fact sheet 2014– sets out the conditions when it is safe for volunteers to work in a Nature Reserve


Committee and other positions (2017-18)

Committee members are nominated and elected consistent with the Incorporated Associations rules. More…

The following positions were appointed to the Committee at the AGM of 3 December 2017

Position                                                               Name                                                email

  • President                                                     Ross Kingsland                               rossandsue@gmail.com
  • Vice President                                            Robyn Tulloh                                   robyntulloh@gmail.com
  • Secretary                                                     Sue Ross                                            sueross@grapevine.net.au
  • Treasurer                                                     Paul Ratcliffe                                  campbell.ratcliffe@gmail.com
  • Ordinary member                                      Michael Mulvaney                         mulvaney@netspeed.com.au
  • Ordinary member                                      Miranda Gardner                           mirandahgardner@gmail.com
  • Ordinary member                                      Trish Munro                                     trishinthegarden@hotmail.com

The following non committee positions have also been appointed

  • Public Officer                                              Sue Ross                                            sueross@grapevine.net.au
  • Conservation Officer                                 Michael Mulvaney                           mulvaney@netspeed.com.au
  • Task Coordinator                                       Michael Mulvaney                           mulvaney@netspeed.com.au
  • Web & Twitter Manager                           Paul Ratcliffe                                    campbell.ratcliffe@gmail.com
  • Tools Officer                                                Paul Ratcliffe                                    campbell.ratcliffe@gmail.com
  • Spray/herbicide                                          Sue Ross                                             sueross@grapevine.net.au
  • ParkCare representative                            Sue Ross                                            sueross@grapevine.net.au
  • Sthn ACT Catchment Cttee rep                Miranda Gardner                             mirandahgardner@gmail.com
  • Nest box coordinator                                  Vacant
  • Mynah traps coordinator                           Rob Parnell                                       meeand@iinet.net.au
  • Plantings Coordinator                                Miranda Gardner                             mirandahgardner@gmail.com
  • Notices Coordinator                                   Trish Munro & Robyn Tulloh         trishinthegarden@hotmail.com
  •                                                                                                                                       robyn@tulloh.id.au


Meetings of the Association and/or Committee are held as required. Meeting locations should be confirmed by contacting the Secretary.

Committee Minutes


Committee minutes

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