Local business donates to the Regenerators

Today I dropped in to Grill’d on Franklin Street, Manuka, where restaurant Manager Samuel Diggins handed over a cheque for $300 to the Red Hill Regenerators.
Grill’d regularly support local volunteer organisations and charities by donating part of their takings to those groups.  Earlier this year Grill’d contacted the Regenerators to tell them that they had been selected as an organisation deserving of their support, and in the last week or so contacted the Group again to invite them to visit the restaurant to collect the donation.
The Regenerators are most grateful for support from local businesses, and for this donation.  In return, the least we can do is to encourage our friends to stop by this restaurant for a drink and a meal.
Thanks Samuel, and thanks Grill’d!

Red Hill Activity and AGM Sunday 1 November 2020

You are invited to join us on Sunday 1 November 2020 at 09.00am for our monthly activity on Red Hill.  We plan on chipping weeds and cutting some woody weeds along the eastern side of the hill above Mugga Way.  The AGM will be held at 11am. Information and documents regarding the AGM can be found on the Regenerators website home page

ACT Invasive Plants Plan 2020-25

For Park Care volunteers who contribute their time and labour in our Nature Reserves, the ACT Invasive Plants Plan 2020-25 provides a very useful and interesting theoretical underpinning for this conservation work. 
Buried at the back of this Plan is information on past and future budgets.  This shows that, over the last decade, funding has swung wildly between about $3m in 2010-11 to under $1m in 2015-16.  It seems to have settled on about $1.5m over the last three years, with the same level of funding projected up to 2025.
There is no discussion in the Plan regarding what level of funding will achieve what outcome, resulting in the suggestion that the level of funding probably bears no relationship to the level of demand or desired outcome.
Perhaps this is an issue that ParkCare volunteers could usefully raise with the newly elected and increased cohort of ACT Greens MLAs.
To read the Plan, click here…

Red Hill Regenerators AGM Sunday 1 November 2020 at 11am

We’ll be holding the RHR AGM at the next activity on 1 November 2020.  The notice of meeting and other details are attached
Please note that, although we have nominations for the key positions, we want to spread the load a little and are asking members to consider taking on some roles.  A number of these are not onerous.  So, if you have any interest, please get in touch.  See the attachments for details.  
We will also be proposing some changes to our governing rules at the AGM.  
It was a delightful day for Sunday’s activity on 4 October 2020, and it was pleasing to see such a large number of enthusiastic members getting stuck into the weeds. We also enjoyed seeing the Little Eagle floating by, coping with the attention of a number of magpies – plus seeing a large moth larva that was found when one of our larger woody weeds was despatched.  Probably a cossid moth http://lepidoptera.butterflyhouse.com.au/coss/encalypti.html
Ross Kingsland President

Red Hill Work Activity Wednesday 14 October 2020, 9am

You are invited to join us on Wednesday 14 October 2020 at 09.00am for our mid monthly activity on Red Hill.  We plan on removing ivy, chipping weeds and cutting some woody weeds along the ridge and slopes to the South and East of the Red Hill summit cafeteria.
Please rsvp to help with our planning.

Red Hill activity Sunday 4 October 2020 09.00am to 12.30pm

You are invited to join us on Sunday 4 October 2020 at 09.00am for our monthly activity on Red Hill.  We plan on removing ivy, chipping weeds and cutting some woody weeds along the ridge and slopes to the South and East of the Red Hill summit cafeteria.

Red Hill work activity Wednesday 16 September 2020 9.00am to 12.30pm

A mid-week activity is planned for next Wednesday 16 September starting at 9am at the cafe car park on top of Red Hill.  The activity will be chipping weeds and cutting some woody weeds along the ridge and slopes to the South and East.
Can you please let us know if you are going to join us to help with logistics?  You can let us know at sueross@grapevine.net.au    However, if you decide at the last moment, you are still most welcome.
If you need to contact someone before or on the day, you can call 0415 256 951 (more…)

Red Hill work activity Sunday 6 September 2020, 09.00am

You are invited to attend our next  working bee on Red Hill.  We are now permitted to work as a group of up to 100 volunteers on Red Hill, providing that Covid19 precautions are followed (see below). This work activity will focus on removing African Love Grass and maintenance of our recent plantings. (more…)

Gang Gang research continues

Red Hill Regenerators have been closely engaged with an ongoing citizen science project to identify Gang gang breeding sites and behaviour. This work will lead to improved conservation management practice for this iconic species.

The ANU is seeking a PhD student to help guide research design and data analysis on further study into the resource requirements and movement patterns of Gang-gangs across the ACT region. A major knowledge gap, that has critical implications for land management of habitats in the ACT and nationally, is understanding how Gang-gang breeding behaviour varies across ecoregions and land uses; particularly between urban, rural, and reserved landscapes. More information about this project can be found here.

Results from earlier work will be published in the December 2020 edition of Canberra Bird Notes.

Those interested in helping with this project should contact Michael.Mulvaney@act.gov.au 

Significant trees adjacent to Red Hill now protected by the ACT Tree Register

Residents neighbouring Section 57 Hughes received notification on 27 July 2020 stating that five trees nominated for the ACT Tree Register have now moved from the ACT Provisional Tree Register to the permanent ACT Tree Register.  
Here is a copy of the letter and location photos.     You can also see the listing on the ACT Tree Register at https://www.cityservices.act.gov.au/trees-and-nature/trees/act_tree_register/registered_trees
The listing is only under Deakin, but it mentions Section 57 Hughes (the five trees are on the boundary between three sections). 

The trees are remnant hollow-bearing Blakely’s red gums and separate from the ACT Provisional Tree Register listing for the heritage shelter belt plantings on Sections 57 and 58 Hughes (https://www.cityservices.act.gov.au/trees-and-nature/trees/act_tree_register/provisionally_registered_trees).

Welcome to ACT Red Hill Regenerators

You are welcome to join our monthly activities. We carry out bush regeneration work within the Red Hill Nature Reserve on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 9am to 12:30, except for January. By joining the Group, you will automatically be advised of any Group activities and their locations. You will also be supporting the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource