Request by MLA to refer proposed Red Hill developments to Planning Committee

Nicole Lawder MLA today gave notice (Private Member’s Business, Notice No 1 (Ms Lawder) on 23 October 2017 to the ACT Legislative Assembly that the ACT Government should refer overall planning of the Red Hill Open Space area and environs to the Planning and Urban Renewal Committee, and to report back by June 2018. More…

The Notice amendment was moved by Caroline Le Couteur MLA on 24 October 2017. More…

The Assembly Minutes of Proceedings of 25 October 2017 can be found here.


Deakin S66 Proposed development: concerns expressed to MLA

The following letter was emailed to Jeremy Hanson MLA on 22 October 2017, regarding concerns around the proposed high density residential development which has been proposed to be constructed on Kent Street near the intersection with Carruthers Street at S66 Deakin. (more…)

Federal Golf Club proposed development. Community input requested by 27 October 2017

Following three meetings of the Community Panel on the proposed housing development on part of the Federal Golf Club lease, the ACT Government has produced a draft report which is designed to summarise the views of the community. Input from members of the community who were not present at the Community Panel meetings is invited. This input should be provided to one of the community groups before Friday 27 October 2017.

All papers regarding the Community Panel can be found here

Celebrate the Centenary of the red flowering plants on Red Hill: Friday 27 October 2017

The community is invited to celebrate the centenary of historical plantings on Red Hill with Minister Mick Gentleman, the Red Hill Regenerators Parkcare group and rangers from the ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

The event will celebrate 100 years since Walter Burely Griffin issued instructions to plant thousands of red flowering native plants on Red Hill as part of his grand vision to “paint the hills of Canberra each in a single colour of flowering plants”.  Callistemons, grevilleas and Darling Pea were planted and survive to this day. (more…)

Red Hill watering bee Wednesday 11 October 2017

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our next mid month working bee which will be held on Wednesday 11 October 2017 at 9am

The weather is rapidly warming up, and combined with the very low rainfall this spring, it is essential that the recently planted tubestock get a decent watering in addition to any rain which might arrive in the next few weeks.


Regenerators inform community about S66 Deakin development

The Regenerators has delivered a flier to 500 residences in the vicinity of the proposed S66 Deakin development site, providing information about the issues around this proposal and asking residents to make their views known to the Legislative Assembly. More…

Red Hill working bee Sunday 1 October 2017

The Red Hill Regenerators invite you to our next working bee which will be held on Sunday 1 October 2017 at 9am

It was a beautiful warm day on 13 September for eight volunteers to engage with the never ending supply of Cootamundra Wattles.  We will return on Sunday 1 October 2017 to remove a few more of the hundreds still growing in dense patches along the mid slope of the hill overlooking Mugga Way.


Research confirms Regenerators’ planting strategies

The Regenerators have undertaken revegetation of parts of Red Hill since 2011 by planting tubestock supplied by Greening Australia and supported by ACT Parks & Conservation Service. Initial plantings were significantly damaged by kangaroo grazing, which resulted in a less than optimal survival rate.  Later plantings undertaken in 2016 and 2017 were protected using barriers of tree cuttings which were transported from sites on Red Hill where extensive clearance of Cootamundra Wattles had been undertaken by Regenerator working parties. These later plantings are showing very high rates of survival, with very little damage from kangaroos. In addition, the grasses around the cuttings where it has been protected from grazing, have regenerated and improved ground cover and ecological health.

In 2016-17, students from the Fenner School, ANU undertook a research project to test whether placing cuttings around plantings would protect them from kangaroo damage. This research concluded that the methods used by the Regenerators is effective. More…

Greens MLA request integrated planning for Red Hill developments

On 20 Sep 2017, at 5:11 pm, LE COUTEUR <> wrote:

Dear concerned residents

I asked a question today in the Assembly re the combined impact of the Federal Gold Club proposal and the Telstra site proposal.  I didn’t get a very useful response from the minister: (more…)

Deakin S66 development proposal letter to Canberra Times

The following letter was sent to the Canberra Times on 11 September 2017 from Dr Michael Mulvaney on behalf of the Red Hill Regenerators. (more…)

Welcome to ACT Red Hill Regenerators

You are welcome to join our monthly activities. We carry out bush regeneration work within the Red Hill Nature Reserve on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 9am to 12:30, except for January. By joining the Group, you will automatically be advised of any Group activities and their locations. You will also be supporting the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource