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Repairs planned for Red Track

The Parks and Conservation Service plan to undertake repairs to the section of Red Track containing steps, between the base fire trail and the Tardis/Lookout.

The work will include backfilling and compacting any steps that have subsided/ eroded, repairing any erosion on the trail bed and sourcing and placing woody debris (logs) where trail braiding has occurred. It has been specified that minimal access is allowed and no dragging of logs, they must be lifted and ‘placed’ in situ to avoid damaging the nearby vegetation. No natural logs are to be relocated for this purpose as there is a woody debris pile that can be utilised on Kent St, Deakin. All due care is to be taken to avoid disturbance to the local vegetation and environment.

The contractor will be Makin Trax (they did the upgrade) so they are aware of the sensitivities of the site. Work is planned to be undertaken during February 2016 and should only take a week or so at most.


Golf Club developers promise more consultation

Consultants Tania Parkes Consulting (engaged by developers MBark Realty P/L to conduct community consultation), have undertaken by email on 16 December 2015, to undertake further consultation with the Red Hill Regenerators to ‘develop a sustainable and viable design proposal that adds local value’. More…

MBark wrote to the President, Red Hill Regenerators, on 17 December 2015 in response to the initial meeting on 26 October 2015, at the FGC between FGC, developers and the Regenerators. More…

Federal Golf Club launches web site to explain development proposal

The Federal Golf Club has launched a website titled ‘Active and Connected’, which is designed to explain the most recent proposal to develop part of their lease for housing. It is not clear whether this web site has been established by the Federal Golf Club or by the developers MBark.  More…

Weeds eradication funding not as rosy as Minister Rattenbury suggests

From Conservation Council “Yellow Box Dispatch”, December 2015

The Legislative Assembly on 18 November discussed funding of invasive weed management in the ACT. Liberal MLA Nicole Lawder moved a motion asking for the weeds budget to be restored and the Weeds Advisory Group to be re-instated. Minister Shane Rattenbury moved an amendment basically saying weeds management had benefitted through an increase in recurrent funding base (even though overall funding has dropped by 29%) and that the Weeds Advisory Group meets twice a year. The Minister also issued a media release “Increased base funding allows for long term strategic weed management” and sent a similar message to constituents. (more…)

Butterfly walk on Red Hill spots 14 species in one hour!

The butterfly walk on 25 November 2015, which was led by Dr Suzi Bond, helped the group identify 14 species of butterflies within 100m of the summit restaurant and within one hour. This represents one quarter of the total number of butterfly species found in the British Isles! And all within sight of Parliament House!

Here is what we identified: (more…)

Red Hill Regenerators AGM and wildflower walk

It was a hot morning on Red Hill for a very successful AGM, where all key positions were filled for another year. (more…)

Historic callistemon mystery solved!

The question why the historic callistemon plantation is made up of plants with two quite different flower colours has been solved through patient research by Regenerator Roy Mcdowall, who combed through the early 20th century Yarralumla Nursery records to find the answer. All can be revealed by clicking here!

Conservation Council lobbies Minister for more weed funding

From Conservation Council Weekly Wrap 27 November 2015 (more…)

Should the Federal Golf Club profit from development (and other letters to Canberra Times)?

Canberra Times 25 November 2015

Letter to the Editor

The report of another housing development proposal by the Federal Golf Club once again raises the issue of the ad hoc ACT Government treatment of private development on community owned land.


Regenerators respond to Golf Club development proposal

The Regenerators have issued the media release of 26 November 2015 attached, in response to the latest proposal by the Federal Golf Club, to construct a housing development on their lease, which will destroy Red Gum/Yellow Box woodland which they have been entrusted to protect. More…