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News about our Little eagles

Little Eagle about to be released after being banded Stuart Rae

The Red Hill Regenerators applied successfully to the ACT Government on 12 April 2019, for a grant of $30,000 to assist in a study entitled The ecology and movement of ACT’s adult female Little Eagles


Canberra Grammar helps on Red Hill

On 4 December 2019, 20 enthusiastic year 6 students and two supervisors visited Red Hill to experience some of the practicalities in repairing and conserving the environment. One team of students carried buckets of water to support some of the stressed recent plantings, while the other team learned about the many weeds growing on Red Hill, followed by a practical session with hand mattocks to chip them out. The Regenerators thank Canberra Grammar for supporting their local Nature Reserve.

Red Hill work activity Sunday 1 December 2019

The weather continues to be dry and hot since the Environment Day plantings six months ago.  Further plantings six weeks ago are also suffering, and so this month’s activity will focus on watering all the plantings and spreading the recently delivered (thanks Marty!) cottamundra cuttings for kangaroo protection.  The activity will be followed at 11am by morning tea and our AGM. Time: Sunday 1 December 2019 Work: 0900 to 1100. AGM 1100 to 1200 (more…)

Regenerators win Landcare awards

Congratulations to the Red Hill Regenerators volunteers for winning two awards in 2019:

  • Awarded an ‘honourable mention’ at the ACT Conservation Council annual Environment Awards: Member Group of the Year award ‘for their work protecting and enhancing the Red Hill Nature Reserve’
  • Awarded “Australian Community Media: Landcare Community Group Award” to Ross Kingsland, President, Red Hill Regenerators, at the 2019 ACT Landcare Awards.

More information about grants and awards won the the Regenerators.

More information about the 2019 Landcare awards

Draft Red Hill Integrated Plan: public comments before 31 December 2019

The full Draft red Hill Integrated Plan was released for public comment on 13/11/19 by the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD). Comments should be provided by 31 December 2019 to terrplan@act.gov.au

The draft plan considers four possible options for the context area and identifies a preferred option which includes the following recommendations (refer to the map in the attached document for further detail):

  • Retaining open space which adjoins and links to the Red Hill Nature Reserve, preserving the ecological values of the area.
  • Implementing buffers around the Federal Golf Course and associated development.
  • Managing the Red Hill Nature Reserve in line with the Plan of Management for the Canberra Nature Park and the National Capital Plan.
  • Identification of proposed upgrading to a number of roads and intersections to cater to the current traffic volume of the roads and prepare for future growth and capacity.
  • Retaining residential zones adjoining the Nature Reserve.
  • Expanding the Deakin Office Park (rezoning Deakin Section 66) to partly include further urban open space and commercial use.
  • Increasing housing choice particularly for the ageing population through the development of a retirement village, to be located in the southern portion of the Federal Golf Course with access via Kitchener Street

More Information:

Draft Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and Surrounds (PDF 3.6Mb)

Appendix D – Traffic Analysis and Study (PDF 3.8Mb)

Red Hill draft plan stymies Hindmarsh development plans” RiotACT 14 November 2019

The Red Hill Regenerators responded with a submission which was emailed to the ACT Government on 24 December 2019. More…

Red Hill work activity Wednesday 13 November 2019

For our mid month work activity we plan to lend a hand to our Hughes neighbours on the surprisingly large piece of bushland next to Carruthers Street, between Kent Street and Yarra Glen. On this bushland are a host of small cootamundra wattle plants, which will be easier to remove now rather than when they mature.  As a byproduct, the cootamundra cuttings will be available for protecting our recent plantings.  It’s a win-win!

Time: Wednesday 13 November 2019 Work: 0900 to 1230  (more…)

Red Hill work activity Sunday 3 November 2019

The weather forecast for Sunday predicts rain, which will be great for our plantings – but forecasts have not been great recently, so we’ll plan for a rain free morning.  This month we will meet at the top of Brereton Street, Garran to do some woody weed removal along this side of the Hill.  Morning tea will enable members to update on the latest news about the golf club development proposal, and to visit the part of the golf course where the ACT Government has earmarked for this development. Don’t forget that on Saturday 2 November 2019, Dr Michael Mulvaney will be conducting a nature walk. Check out the website for times and meeting place.

Time: Sunday 3 November 2019 Work: 0900 to 1230  (more…)

Red Hill Nature Walk Saturday 2 November 2019

You are invited to join the Red Hill Regenerators for a Nature Walk on Red Hill. The walk will be led by Dr Michael Mulvaney, who will provide a wide range of information about all aspects of the Red Hill ecology. The walk will take about one hour and is suitable for all ages. Walking conditions will be uneven and steep in places.

Date: Saturday 2 November 2019, 10.30am

Meeting place: Park on Mugga Way, Red Hill at the intersection with Zeehan Street

What to bring: Wear a hat, sunscreen, enclosed shoes, protection for arms and legs. Bring water

Successful planting event with Canberra Girls Grammar

On Friday 18 October 2019, The Regenerators hosted 60 year 4 students and their teachers from Canberra Girls Grammar School to visit Red Hill and participate in environmental activities. The students were divided into three groups and rotated through three activities – chipping out horehound weeds, planting and watering 60 shrubs and understory plants, and taking a nature walk led by ecologist Dr Michael Mulvaney. The students were attentive, engaged and focussed on the activities and enjoyed the morning.

Red Hill work activity Wednesday 16 October 2019

While we have been working on the west side of Red Hill, the weeds, and verbascum in particular, have been popping up in their favourite locations on the other side.  So on Wednesday we will chip or spray verbascum before they develop flower spikes.

Time: Wednesday 16 October 2019 Work: 0900 to 1230  (more…)