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Centenary Trail opening

2013:  The official opening of the long-awaited Canberra Centenary Trail.

From 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday 27 October 2013, a ‘Try the Trail Day’ will be held at five different locations along the alignment – Hall School Museum, Victoria Street Hall, John Knight Memorial Park in Belconnen, Chapman near Cooleman Ridge, Tuggeranong Town Park and Remembrance Park in Campbell.

People can join a guided walk led by ACT Scouts and purchase some lunch from a Rotary Club stall.

Event partner, ACT Medicare Local, will also be providing a free trail map and fresh fruit to all participants on the day.

More information and Trail map

Centenary Trail public consultation

2012: The Centenary Trail project was put out for public consultation on 26 November 2012. The Regenerators submitted a response  on 9 December 2012.

The Centennary Trail is expected to be completed by early 2013. CanberraTimes21June2012

Centenary Trail: final consultation report

May 2012:  On 28 May 2012, TAMS published the final consultation report, together with a map of the proposed final Trail alignment and showing where the Trail will follow existing trails, be an upgrade of an existing trail, or be a newly constructed trail. It could be seen on the TAMS web site (Final Consultation Report p13) (removed from website) that:

“In order to avoid the need for new trail within Red Hill Nature Reserve, walkers will use existing trails to reach the top of Red Hill, whereas bike riders will be directed along the existing fire trails on the eastern side”

Therefore, we are assured that there will be no new trails constructed on Red Hill and a small section of existing steep maintenance track section will be upgraded. Only Trail walkers will use trails on Red Hill, with cyclists being directed along the base of Red Hill. The TAMS report also provided a response to the Red Hill Regenerators submission.

Centenary trail meeting with Chief Minister

May 2012: A meeting of Parkcare groups with the Chief Minister was arranged on 11 May 2012, to express a range of views regarding the route selection process through Nature Reserves.  The brief for the meeting was prepared by representatives from Black Mountain, Mt Ainslie, Mt Majura and Red Hill Nature Reserves

Centenary Trail assurance

May 2012:  After meeting with the Centenary Trail team on 16 April 2012, the Senior Project Office provided an assurance on 3 May 2012 that:

the trail alignment has been revised to show walkers only to the summit and cyclists along the fire trail at the base of the hill. There are no new trail sections proposed for Red Hill. The summary consultation report and revised map will be released publically after your meeting with the Minister in mid May 2012“.

Centenary trail: Regenerators submission

2012:  The Red Hill Regenerators sent a submission to the ACT Government on 27 January 2012 setting out their objections to the proposed Trail route through the Red Hill reserve, and detailing the conservation values of the area where the new Trail was proposed to be built.

Centenary Trail meeting with Regenerators

2011: On 9 December 2011, a meeting was held between members of the Red Hill Regenerators, ACT Government and the consultants to discuss the findings of the Ground Truthing report as it impacted on the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

The proposed Trail route through the Red Hill Nature Reserve can be seen here, at  Centenary_Trail_Red_Hill_Alternative_Alignments,  together with alternative routes proposed by the Red Hill Regenerators.

Centenary Trail proposed

2011:  As part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations in 2013, the ACT Government has proposed that a bicycle and walking trail, the Centenary Trail, is built to connect many of the nature reserves within the ACT.

In late 2011 a ‘Ground Truthing’ study was undertaken by consultants engaged by the ACT Government.

The ACT Government invited community comment on the recommendations of the Ground Truthing report.

Centennary Trail repairs

The walking track which runs downhill from the Red Hill lookout (at the north end of Red Hill) to the fire trail at the bottom of Red Hill near Mugga Way, will be closed during May and June 2014 for major repairs and refurbishment. The purpose of this work is to reduce erosion and run off from the existing track and to improve safety. More information can be obtained from Nadia Rhodes, Ranger in Charge, Centenary Trail at nadia.rhodes@act.gov.au