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Canberra Nature Park Reserve Management Plan 2021

The ACT Government has recently released the 284 page management plan including all Nature Reserves currently identified in the ACT. It can be downloaded here (13.8Mb). A couple of pages is devoted to each Nature Reserve, including the Red Hill Nature Reserve at page 222. The Plan commits to the following actions at Red Hill: (more…)

Canberra Nature Park draft Management Plan for comment

The long awaited Canberra Nature Park Management Plan was released on 23 September 2019, in draft form for community comment. Comments can be sent to epsddcomms@act.gov.au before 16 December 2019.

Information sessions will be held in four Canberra locations between 22 October and 13 November 2019. More…

Comments from the Regenerators were emailed on 15 December 2019. More…

The report which summarised the community comments was released on 4 June 2020, and can be downloaded here and as a pdf file here

ParkCare groups seek meeting with Minister for Canberra Nature Park

A number of Park Care groups, including the Red Hill Regenerators note to the Minister for Environment & Heritage, Mick Gentleman, MLA on 26 September 2018. They have sought a meeting with the Minister to discuss issues concerning the Canberra Nature Park, including the long overdue draft Canberra Nature Park Management Plan, underresourcing of management of the Park, and acknowledgement that volunteer ParkCare has now been providing free resourcing to the ACT Government for almost 30 years. More…

Canberra Nature Park enquiry report released

2011: Media Release which launched the Report on the Investigation into the Canberra Nature Park (nature reserves); Molonglo River Corridor (nature reserves) and Googong Foreshores (19 October 2011)

Canberra Nature Park enquiry: submission

The Red Hill Bush Regenerators Group submitted a comprehensive response in February 2010 to the submission addressing the terms of reference as they applied to the Re Hill Nature Park. More…

Canberra Nature Park enquiry

2010: The Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr Maxine Cooper, invited public submissions to an investigation into the Canberra Nature Park (nature reserves); the Molonglo River Corridor (nature reserves) and Googong Foreshores. Submissions needed to be lodged before 26 February 2010.