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Multitasking on Red Hill


For our final activity on Red Hill for 2016, a determined dozen hard core Regenerators spent two hours of a hot, humid Sunday morning batting away bush flies with one hand, wiping sweat from the eyes with the other, while simultaneously removing a wide range of weeds, including blackberries, briar rose, privet, cotoneasta, pyracantha, thistles, verbascum, tree of heaven, nettle tree, cootamundra wattles and probably a few more, from the hillside above Curlewis Street.

By 11am the group seamlessly switched from manual labour to the intellectual rigours of the Annual General Meeting. While more than a few were spotted lying flat out ‘resting their eyes’ in the welcome shade, surrounded by fluttering Painted Ladies and everlasting daisies, our President maintained a quorum of sufficient interest to ensure that the formalities were completed and a committee appointed for 2017.
The AGM attendees were easily distracted by a Little Eagle soaring overhead and a family of Nankeen Kestrels nesting (possibly) in a nearby tree hollow.  Other distractions included the cheery calls of the Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Kookaburra and White-winged Chough and the background cicada racket, which almost drowned out a nearby resident’s leaf blower activities.
While our next formal Sunday working bee will not be until 5 February 2017, don’t forget the Butterfly Walk with butterfly author and expert Dr Suzi Bond on Sunday 22 January 2017 (more information coming).  In the meantime, Red Hill tragics are
encouraged to get out onto Red Hill over the summer and engage in some verbascum beheading (herbicide dabbers available to pick up from sueross@grapevine.net.au)