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Grant application for weed control



The Regenerators teamed up with the Southern ACT Catchment Management Group to apply in May 2021 to the ACT Government for a 2021-22 ACT Environment & Nature in the City grant for $26,746 for the eradication of around 4ha of horehound, which has been spreading rapidly and is now beyond the resources of the Regenerators to control effectively. The application comprises weed eradication by contract spraying, followed up by grass and forb seeding to stabilise the sprayed area. Later it is planned to plant 200 understorey tube stock to further repair the environment and reestablish small bird nesting opportunities. Volunteers from the Regenerators will contribute an equal value of effort through planting and maintaining the tube stock together with ensuring that any regermination of horehound is swiftly dealt with. Subject to receipt of the grant funds, it is planned to commence weed eradication in spring 2021, followed by seeding in 2022 and planting in 2023.

The application was successful, with $31,806  being granted in June 2021 to the Southern ACT Catchment Group, which will manage the project. More