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Regenerators awarded grant to help Gang gangs

As part of a response to the environmental damage which resulted from the 2019 bushfires, the Commonwealth Government identified $10m “to support multi-jurisdictional collaboration and targeted interventions for 10 priority bushfire-affected multiregional species or group of species (who share habitat and threats)”. More…

One of the 10 bushfire affected species is the Gang gang cockatoo.

The Regenerators have been awarded $24,000 and selected to work with the ACT Government on a citizen science project which is designed to be:

“developed in three stages focusing on the improvement of the existing Naturemapr platforms and create and manage INaturalist projects. Both platforms will have specific gang-gang web interfaces to enable collection of consistent data across location, tree hollow, foraging, nest hollow and nest tube data points. The project will explore opportunities to enhance interactions and engagement with groups and individuals across the Cockatoo’s range using the platforms”

More information about this project.