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Red Hill work activity Wednesday 15 February 2023

Our work activity on Wednesday 15 February 2023 will make a welcome alternative from beheading verbascum. This time the principle activity will be to conduct a count of the endangered Button Wrinklewort.  One of this native daisy’s key global habitats is on Red Hill, where its numbers rise and fall. The last major count indicated a population of about 5,500 plants, which places Red Hill as the 7th largest population in the world.  The attached map shows habitat in two general locations – above Strickland Crescent, Deakin and above Calthorpes House, Red Hill. Census results for the period 1984-2011 are attached. About six volunteers will be needed to conduct the count, which will be supervised by Michael Mulvaney.  Those volunteers who prefer other activities will be able to continue with the woody weed removal.

More information: info@redhillregenerators.org.au

Location: Park and assemble at the top of Strickland Crescent. Task and safety briefings will be held at 9am sharp

Activities: The principal activity will be conducting the Button Wrinklewort count  For those who prefer other weeding, loppers, saws and mattocks will be available.  Tools should not be shared between volunteers.  If time permits after completion of the count above Strickland Crescent, volunteers will then relocate to Mugga Way to count the plants above Calthorpes House.

Conditions: Steep track and slopes, rocky in parts, mostly open to dense bush.

You bring: Water to drink, hat, leather gloves, long sleeved shirt, long pants essential, eye protection, sunscreen, solid enclosed shoes. BYO morning tea.

We bring:  Tools – We will bring small and large mattocks, secateurs, loppers, saws, and herbicide dabbers. Equipment for recording the plant census will be provided.  We will also bring a basic first aid kit, and provide tool use and weeding ID and advice as needed.  Bring your own tools, if available.

NoteIt is important that you attend the activity safety briefing at 0900.    A byo morning tea will be held at 11am.  We will travel by car between Strickland Crescent and Mugga Way.


Cancellation: The activity will be cancelled by email (if possible), no later than 8am of the activity day, if rain/wind is forecast which could make planned work potentially hazardous, high temperatures before midday are forecast, total fire bans are announced, air pollution is ‘hazardous’ or additional Covid 19 restrictions in force. Note: The Red Hill Regenerators Group is advised by the ACT Parks & Conservation Service and the information below:

    1. Guidelines for Volunteer fieldwork in extreme conditions‘, which addresses extreme temperatures and poor air quality, as measured by PM2.5 levels (to obtain up to the minute information about air quality, there are a number of Apps, including the ‘Air Matters‘ App);
    1. ‘Volunteer Fieldwork through Covid19’ latest update; Information at: https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/protecting-yourself-and-others
  1. The Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct can be accessed from the ParkCare Hub Home Page on the right hand side under “Files”   https://app.betterimpact.com/Volunteer/Main/StoredDocument/29169