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Linked Hands for YES: Saturday 26 August @ 11.45am

We need your help to create a meaningful, locally based show of support for YES to the Voice.

The Uluru Statement of the Heart and the decades of work behind it, is such a magnificent act of grace, purpose and reconciliation by First Nations people that in times when NO seems to be gaining traction we need to thank and celebrate the opportunity created by YES. The action of unity we came up with was to bring 1500 local residents together to link arms along a 1.5km line, for 20 minutes from 11:45 Saturday 26 August. The line starts at an ancient Red Gum at the base of Red Hill, then flows through Open Space parallel to Carruthers St and ends near the Curtin Shops, where people from the line will make their way and gather till around 2pm, for music (by Ngunnawall singer/songwriter Alinta Barlow), short speeches, food, craft activities and re-affirming of purpose. Both local and national media will be encouraged to attend. Walkley award winning documentary maker, Simon Cunich, will be filming the event with the aim of making short videos for wide distribution, to further raise awareness and support. Activities, along the line include chanting, singing (think Beatles ‘Yes today”) bell ringing, and passing of a message stick.

To date about 30 local formal and informal groups including local churches, five park care groups, the Hughes Community Shed, resident groups from particular streets, YES23, are organising and recruiting for sections of the line, but we need many more people.

So please come and be part of the line and encourage your extended families, neighbours and friends to join you. We are really hoping for a massive Regenerator turnout. There is a seated section near the shops, which will include a group of over 77s who voted Yes in the 1967 referendum.

Sue Ross is co-ordinating the Red Hill Regenerators section of the line and will provide more details in the week before the event. So please, preferably in the next few days, email Sue that you intend to join us in this celebration and tell her how many people you expect to bring with you.


From our hearts

Michael Mulvaney and Vikki McDonough