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2024 Update from the Regenerators President

Best wishes to all Red Hill Regenerators for 2024.  

Weed Strategy.  We’re making good progress with our weed strategy including lifting the remaining 10% of the Reserve out of being classified as low-quality vegetation (more than 50% non-native).  Areas of St John’s Wort found in the northern part of the Reserve have been mapped together with patches of blackberries in the whole Reserve.  Contractors (using funds from our ACT Government grant) have sprayed verbascum, saffron and scotch thistles, horehound and St John’s Wort in large areas of the northern part of the Reserve.  We will now work to remove the regrowth, starting from the Hindmarsh Drive end. We hope to see a lot fewer yellow verbascum spikes this year!

Another contractor has done a good job on the horehound above the Telstra building (Kent Street) and we will also work on removing regrowth that is appearing.

Blackberries are becoming a major problem and we have some remaining grant funds that will be used to hire a contractor to help control these. This will be undertaken in April. 

A Record for RHR! Janice Hagan has been recording the time we contribute and has noted that we had a record number of hours last year – see attached graph.  That’s fantastic work – thanks to all who contributed!  

Congratulations to Michael! The following message came from Canberra Nature Map yesterday:

Congratulations to NatureMapr co-founder Dr Michael Mulvaney for reaching 40,000 expert ID confirmations. 

Absolutely incredible!

That is 40,000 occasions where Michael has been able to share his knowledge and expertise with someone in the community and where a record has been formally verified prior to being ingested as an official government biodiversity record.

Then there are the thousands of helpful and informative comments, recommendations and advice that Michael contributes on a daily basis.

Michael’s leadership within the community has helped define our culture and has provided inspiration for how NatureMapr moderators go about their important and hugely valued work.

You are a legend Michael M!

As Sue Ross noted, “We are so lucky to have him in the Regenerators, and a founder of the group”.

Both Grammar Schools Contribute. We also had a contribution to our work from both Canberra Girls Grammar School and Canberra Grammar School and we’ll continue to work with them this year.