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Proposed Federal Golf Club Development

Red Hill Regenerators (RHR) supports the Red Hill Integrated Plan, which includes provision for an Over 55s retirement village at the southern end of Federal Golf Course and retention of an 18-hole golf course.

Development Applications for the planned Over 55s village development have been lodged with ACTPLA and are now open for public comment until Wednesday 20 March 2024.  

The three DAs are:

*   DA 202342264 Proposal for a Retirement Village – suburb Red Hill, Garran
*   DA202342260 Proposal for Earthworks and Golf Course – suburb Red Hill, Garran
*   DA202342252 Proposal for Lease Variation – suburb Red Hill.

The content of the DAs and how to make written representations can be found here.


The RHR committee considers that the DAs are consistent with the Red Hill Integrated Plan.  For your information, Recommendation 7 of the Red Hill Integrated Plan (RHIP) is shown below. 

The full Red Hill Integrated Plan can be seen here:

If you wish to read the Federal Golf Club’s views about the issues raised in relation to the proposed development go to 

RHIP Recommendation 7

7. Provisions be made for the Federal Golf Course site to:

(i) Limit the range of commercial and entertainment uses permitted on the golf course under

the existing PRZ2 Restricted Access Recreation Zone potentially excluding hotels and motels

and further clubs.

(ii) Retain sufficient land for an 18-hole golf course on the site as well as associated uses.

(iii) Provide for a 125-unit retirement village at the southern portion of the site.

(iv) Provide access as follows:

i. access to the retirement village via Kitchener Street

ii. retain access to the golf club via Gowrie Drive

iii. no public access road between the retirement village and the golf club.

(v) Protect key ecological values on the site, particularly hollow bearing trees, the interface

with the Red Hill Nature Reserve, and where continuous ecological corridors can be

provided. This should be managed through careful location and design of:

i. the retirement village

ii. the golf course greens and associated infrastructure; and

iii. the external access road from Kitchener Street and the internal roads.

(vi) Implement a minimum 50 metre buffer around the golf course and the retirement village

adjacent to existing development to:

i. provide and protect ecological corridors and values

ii. maintain amenity of surrounding residential areas.

(vii) Future development of the land should not result in a net loss of canopy coverage or

should provide at least 30% canopy coverage, whichever is greater.

Ross Kingsland

President, Red Hill Regenerators

13 March 2024