Dear Friends

 The Red Hill Nature Park comprises 275ha of nationally significant Yellow Box – Red Gum woodland with a very high plant diversity (more than 175 species), and a significant habitat for 12 threatened and 18 regionally uncommon plant, bird, lizard and grasshopper species.  It has been misused in the past with cattle grazing and tree removal, and until 1984 was choked by weeds.

The Red Hill Regenerators is a small band of volunteers who have been fighting for almost 40 years to reduce the weeds and restore this vital environment.  The last few wet years have resulted in massive and rapid weed growth over large parts of the Reserve.  We do not have the resources to tackle this recent infestation without your help.

Please help the Regenerators by making a donation to enable us to repair this landscape.

Electronic Funds Transfer to the Red Hill Bush Regenerators Account at BSB: 633-000  Account Number: 198147183

Please include your name and notify our Treasurer – info@redhillregenerators.org.au

Cheque payable to “Red Hill Bush Regenerators”. Mail to Treasurer, c/o 64 Caley Crescent, Narrabundah,  ACT 2604

Thank you

Ross Kingsland, President Red Hill Regenerators