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The Red Hill Regenerators Group communicates with members, friends and the wider community, using the following channels:

  • The Red Hill Regenerators website provides information about Red Hill and the Group, and includes a Feedback form for general community communications to the Group;
  • The Twitter feed at @redhillregeners;
  • A private group email list at Google Groups  is used to communicate with members and friends who have registered with the group ‘redhillregenerators’. To register with this group, go to Feedback and leave a message;
  • Monthly working bees on Red Hill are open to the community and are advertised on all the above communication platforms. An informal information sharing meeting is held during the tea break at each working bee;
  • The Parkcare notice board located at the Mugga Way car park contains a list of the dates for Working Bees for each calendar year;
  • Notices are fixed to the reserve boundary fence at each entry into the reserve, giving information and contact details for the Group;
  • Committee meetings are held as required, and are open to members of the Group Committee;
  • An AGM is held usually at the same time as the December working bee.

Other ways we communicate is via: