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Awards and Grants


  • Manuka restaurant Grill’d on Franklin Street chose to support the Red Hill Regenerators with donations from their restaurant takings. In November 2020, a cheque for $300 was handed over to the Regenerators
  • The ACT Australian Community Media Landcare Community Group Award for our work on Red Hill


  • Awarded ACT Government grant of $30,000 for ‘The Ecology and Movement of ACT’s Adult Female Little Eagle’
  • Awarded Commonwealth Government Volunteer grant of $1384 to enable purchase of equipment.
  • Awarded an ‘honourable mention’ at the ACT Conservation Council annual Environment Awards: Member Group of the Year award ‘for their work protecting and enhancing the Red Hill Nature Reserve’
  • Awarded “Australian Community Media: Landcare Community Group Award” to Ross Kingsland, President, Red Hill Regenerators, at the 2019 ACT Landcare Awards.


  • Awarded $15,000 by the Commonwealth Communities Environment Progam to assist in the large scale removal of weeds in the Red Hill Nature Reserve.  The grant will be administered by the Southern ACT Catchment Group with funds expended before 30 January 2021


  • ACT Heritage Council inclusion of Red Hill Heritage Plantings to ACT Heritage Register


  • Awarded ‘Small Grant’ of $750 from the Southern Area Catchment Management Group



  • Awarded $500 for ACT Landcare Community Group of the Year

2011 Landcare Award

  • Donated $400 by Dimor P/L via the ACT NRM Council for natural resource management activities on Red Hill.


  • Granted $3000 by Landcare NSW as part of the Communities in Landscapes program, to help regenerate endangered Yellow Box – Red Gum grassy woodland. This project was documented and described here


  • Volunteer community service award presented by ParkCare

Parkcare _award_2009


  • State winner of the 2003 National Volunteer Awards